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  • Peter's Program Development  v.2.10Peter's Program Development is an effort to release many small and.
  • Libctf  v.0.1.1libctf library is extends pthread functionality by providing common utilities for the programmer. This will ease and enhance threaded program development. Main features: - barrier - thread barrier - fifo mutex - first-in-first-out mutex - mgate - two ...
  • DC Data Entry Validator  v.2.00DC DataEntry Validator is a program development solution that lets you check data entry according to your own preferences. It lets you validate text as you type, limit data to specific characters, and define your own restrictions.
  • The Rainy Time Screen Saver  v.1.1The Rainy Time Screen Saver shows you a view of a rain through a glass of a window. Water trickles down the glass. While program development the aim was to recreate a mood of a rain.
  • Equalise  v.6.0.0Program written to synchronise folder structures on two different computers over a network, or between a computer and a floppy disk. It can be used to keep up-to-date safety copies of files on floppy disks, or to allow program development on two ...
  • Elcid  v.1.0eL-CID helps explain program development with: a player for animations; a web site of web programming examples (HTML, Javascript, CSS, ASP, SQL); tools to make new animations. eL-CID means e-Learning by Communicating Iterative ...
  • The Open OCL Project  v.0.5.17The aim of the Open OCL (Object Class Libraries) project is to develop a standard library API for true cross platform program development. Target platforms are Linux/UNIX, Windows and Mac OS ...
  • WebGoo  v.6.0WebGoo is the Internet browser was working from 1999 and was named as the first Net-M@X been changed its name to WebGoo and program development program has been programmed to open more than one location and shake the idea was basically add ...
  • Eclipse RCP for Matlab Programming  v.1.0Matlab program development environment based on Elicpse.
  • Gravity IDE  v.1.0Gravity IDE is an IDE made and developed for Java/Java programmers. It's completely written from scratch and includes many features to ease Java program development.
  • GeneHuggers  v.1.0GeneHuggers consists of two independent bioinformatics software development frameworks. There is a set of Java Swing classes for lightweight client GUI development and a set of C/C++ classes for Linux server program development. The two frameworks commun ...
  • Librcore  v.1.0librcore - an open source C++ library. An outgrowth of earlier work on a C-based RADIUS server. General purpose and system C++ classes for C++ application program development.
  • Geth  v.1.0Geth is a reliable distributed program development kit.The goal is making development of reliable distributed program with standard C++ more ease.The name "Geth" came from video game "Mass Effect".The design came from Erlang and ZeroMQ.
  • NewCAD.NET  v.3.5.2NewCAD.NET is a collection of 3D modeling, rendering light and shade, simulation and many other powerful features as one of 3D CAD components. It is convenient to apply to C# , VB.NET. can be used to CAD,CAM,CAE program development.
  • Android EWCAD Component  v.3.0.0Android EWCAD is a collection of 3D modeling , simulation and many other powerful features as one of 3D CAD components. It is convenient to apply to mobile phone or tablet can be used to CAD,CAM,CAE program development.
  • Application Server Development Library for Linux  v.1.4.0ASDL, Application Server Development Library, is a generic components library & framework for.
  • Algorithm  v.2.7Do you want to create your own apps? Algorithm2 is a free tool for game and software development at home. Automate your business processes by yourself! Algorithm2 helps anybody to create apps with no coding. Distribute and sell your soft in Internet!
  • AthTek WebAPP Kit  v.1.1AthTek WebAPP Kit is an advanced web authoring tool for software developers. It can convert C/S type PC programs to B/S type web applications directly. No web authoring experience is required such as HTML, ASP, PHP and JAVA.
  • C/C++ Headers  v.NewC/C++ Headers is a package that has been created in order to simplify the hard job of projecting and encoding of programs. Now you can make use of this handy and accessible tool to further improve your development process.
  • XBasic  v.6.23This is the XBasic web page. It contains information about downloads, documentation, links and resources for the XBasic programming language project for Windows and Linux , which is freeware and open-source. XBasic is an integrated software ...
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